1. What Food To Eat Before a Workout

    What do I eat before I workout? Keep pre-workout meals balanced and simple. Meals should contain a small amount of dietary fat, moderate amount of lean protein, and some low-glycemic carbs to keep you energized and fueled for your workout. Meals should be eaten about 2-3 hours prior to your workout,…Read More

  2. 4 Benefits of Team Fitness Training

    Working out by yourself has its benefits – you can do it on your own time and at your own pace. But that also makes it easier to come up with excuses for taking the day off, promise you'll make up for it later and forget about it as time goes on. What if there was an easier way to hold yourself ac…Read More

  3. Wearable Fitness Technology That Works

    Innovations in mobile and wearable technology have helped improve modern lives in countless and varied ways – but it isn't all about being able to check Twitter from your watch. Fitness and wellness training are two of the biggest areas where wearables have taken off. From the simple fitness track…Read More